Why Woocommerce Outshines Shopify in 2023
May 21, 2023 Richard Taveira

Why Woocommerce Outshines Shopify in 2023

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Why WooCommerce Outshines Shopify: A Comprehensive Comparison in 2023


In today’s digital era, establishing an online presence is vital for businesses. When it comes to setting up an e-commerce store, choosing the right platform is crucial. Two popular options that often come up in discussions are WooCommerce and Shopify. While both platforms have their merits, this article will explore why WooCommerce outshines Shopify in various aspects. By delving into pricing, customization, ease of use, scalability, SEO and marketing tools, payment gateways, themes and templates, support, and community, we’ll understand why WooCommerce is a superior choice for online entrepreneurs.

Understanding E-commerce Platforms

Before diving into the comparison, it’s essential to understand the basics of WooCommerce and Shopify.

1. What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is an open-source e-commerce platform built as a WordPress plugin. It empowers users to transform their WordPress websites into feature-rich online stores. With an extensive library of plugins and themes, WooCommerce offers immense flexibility and customization options.

2. What is Shopify?

In contrast, Shopify presents itself as a self-contained e-commerce platform, offering comprehensive all-in-one solutions. With Shopify, users can effortlessly establish and manage their online stores, free from concerns about technical intricacies. This platform excels in providing a user-friendly interface coupled with a wide array of integrated features. It’s akin to being trapped in an apartment building, where you’re limited to renting a unit that claims to fulfill all your needs, but falls short as you grow.

Comparison between WooCommerce and Shopify

Now, let’s delve into the detailed comparison between WooCommerce and Shopify to understand why WooCommerce shines brighter in several key areas.

3.1 Pricing

When it comes to pricing, it plays a critical role for businesses across all sizes. One notable advantage of WooCommerce, being an open-source platform, is its absence of upfront costs. Instead, users only need to cover expenses related to web hosting, domain, and one-time development. On the other hand, Shopify offers a range of pricing plans that involve monthly fees, which can limit budgetary flexibility, particularly for small businesses. The key distinction lies in ownership. By choosing WooCommerce, you retain full ownership of your website and all its data. In contrast, Shopify operates on a rental model where you simply lease their tools.

This analogy can be likened to renting a home versus buying one. While renting may suffice in the short term, the long-term aspiration is often to purchase and own a home. At True North Web Design, we build you the digital home you desire, enabling you to own it forever. If you’ve heard enough about why Woocommerce Outshines Shopify and we don’t need to convince you anymore, please contact True North Web Design and we will put together a comprehensive quote with several options to choose from.

True North Web Design | Why Woocommerce Outshines Shopify in 2023

Why Woocommerce Outshines Shopify

3.2 Customization

At True North Web Design, we firmly believe that WooCommerce outshines Shopify when it comes to customization. The unparalleled flexibility and adaptability offered by WooCommerce surpass those of Shopify, making it the superior choice for businesses seeking a highly customizable online store.

A key factor behind WooCommerce’s customization prowess lies in its open-source nature. As an open-source platform, WooCommerce empowers users to have complete control over every aspect of their online store. This means that businesses partnering with True North Web Design and using WooCommerce can unleash their creativity and tailor their store according to their unique preferences and branding requirements.

Whether it’s tweaking design elements, configuring payment gateways, or fine-tuning shipping options, WooCommerce provides the freedom and flexibility needed to create a truly personalized and tailored e-commerce experience.

Moreover, WooCommerce boasts an extensive library of plugins and themes that further enhance its customization capabilities. With True North Web Design, you gain access to this vast array of options, allowing you to enhance and modify your online store’s functionality and appearance effortlessly. These plugins and themes seamlessly integrate with the WooCommerce framework, eliminating the need for extensive coding knowledge or technical expertise.

Our team at True North Web Design can guide you in selecting the most suitable plugins and themes to create a unique and visually stunning online store that resonates with your target audience.

3.3 Ease of Use

In terms of ease of use, Shopify offers a more streamlined experience. It provides a user-friendly interface and a simplified setup process. On the other hand, WooCommerce requires a bit more technical knowledge due to its integration with WordPress. However, with True North Web Design on your side, we deal with all of that for you.

True North Web Design | Why Woocommerce Outshines Shopify in 2023

Why Woocommerce Outshines Shopify

3.4 Scalability

As businesses grow, scalability becomes paramount. WooCommerce excels in this aspect, offering unlimited scalability potential. Users can expand their stores without worrying about reaching resource limits. In contrast, Shopify’s scalability is limited by its platform-dependent infrastructure.

3.5 SEO and Marketing Tools

WooCommerce, with its integration into WordPress, offers a plethora of SEO and marketing tools. Users can leverage the vast WordPress plugin ecosystem to enhance their online visibility and optimize their marketing efforts. While Shopify provides some SEO features, WooCommerce’s flexibility gives it a clear advantage in this regard.

3.6 Payment Gateways

Both WooCommerce and Shopify offer a wide range of payment gateway integrations. However, WooCommerce provides more flexibility in choosing payment providers, enabling businesses to cater to their customers’ preferences. Shopify, although offering many options, may have limitations based on the chosen pricing plan.

3.7 Themes and Templates

WooCommerce boasts a vast collection of themes and templates, allowing users to create unique and visually appealing online stores. With its extensive ecosystem, WooCommerce offers endless design possibilities. Shopify, while offering quality themes, has a narrower selection compared to WooCommerce.

3.8 Support and Community

WooCommerce benefits from the massive WordPress community, providing users with abundant resources, forums, and expert assistance. Shopify also offers reliable support, but the vastness of the WooCommerce community gives it an edge in terms of readily available help and solutions. Just this alone is one major factor when we say that Woocommerce Outshines Shopify.

One major factor that solidifies the superiority of WooCommerce over Shopify is the immense support and resources it garners from the extensive WordPress community. Being built on the WordPress platform, WooCommerce inherits the advantages of a thriving ecosystem filled with developers, enthusiasts, and experts.

The vastness of the WordPress community translates into an abundance of resources, forums, and online communities solely dedicated to WooCommerce. Users can tap into this wealth of knowledge to seek guidance, troubleshoot issues, and explore innovative solutions. Whether it’s a query about customization, troubleshooting a technical glitch, or seeking expert advice on scaling an online store, the WooCommerce community is there to provide invaluable assistance.

The strength of this community-driven support sets WooCommerce apart from Shopify. While Shopify does offer reliable support options, it simply cannot match the sheer breadth and depth of resources available within the WooCommerce community. With WooCommerce, users can benefit from the collective expertise and experiences of a diverse community, ensuring that help and solutions are readily available at every turn.

By harnessing the power of the WordPress community, WooCommerce empowers businesses with the necessary support system to overcome challenges, maximize their online store’s potential, and stay ahead in the competitive e-commerce landscape. It is through this collaborative and ever-growing network that WooCommerce shines brightly, proving its unmatched superiority over Shopify.

True North Web Design | Why Woocommerce Outshines Shopify in 2023

Why Woocommerce Outshines Shopify4. Flexibility and Control

One of the key reasons WooCommerce outshines Shopify is the level of flexibility and control it offers. WooCommerce allows users to manage all aspects of their online stores, from design to functionality, giving them complete ownership and independence. Shopify, although offering convenience, limits control to a certain extent.


When comparing WooCommerce and Shopify, it becomes clear that WooCommerce outshines Shopify in multiple areas. Its affordability, customization options, scalability, SEO and marketing tools, flexibility, and control make it the preferred choice for many online entrepreneurs. While Shopify may be suitable for beginners or those seeking simplicity, WooCommerce provides the perfect blend of power, control, and cost-effectiveness for businesses of all sizes. WooCommerce’s market share for e-commerce websites is just around 37%. Read more here: 13 top e-commerce platforms compared in 2023.


  1. Is WooCommerce or Shopify better for SEO?
    • WooCommerce, with its integration into WordPress, offers a range of SEO plugins and tools, making it better suited for SEO optimization compared to Shopify.
  2. Can I migrate from Shopify to WooCommerce?
    • Yes, it is possible to migrate from Shopify to WooCommerce. Several tools and services facilitate a smooth transition.
  3. Which platform offers more payment gateway options?
    • WooCommerce offers a broader range of payment gateway integrations, allowing businesses to choose providers that best suit their needs.
  4. Is WooCommerce suitable for large-scale businesses?
    • Absolutely. WooCommerce’s unlimited scalability potential makes it a suitable choice for businesses of any size, including large-scale enterprises.
  5. Are there any hidden costs associated with WooCommerce?
    • No, WooCommerce itself is free. However, the initial development has a cost associated with it and there are expenses related to web hosting, domain registration, and optional premium plugins for extended functionality.

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